We are excited about the possibilities of film, and what it can do for you. Contact us to discuss your particular idea, project or group in more detail. Below are some of the ways we could work with you.

Documenting the Arts

Getting Day Fifty to document your activities can be a powerful way of communicating your work to the outside world, attracting funding or even new members. Because we are a small team with a variety of
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skills we can keep costs down. We have the skills and equipment to cover every stage of the process from the camera work right through to a finished film. We can provide high quality production, administration, editing and mastering at reasonable prices. So you get a complete package and a final outcome that will make a big difference to your group.

Schools and Colleges

Day Fifty have extensive experience in the formal education sector. Below are some suggested ideas of how we can work with each Key Stage, but we are happy to discuss what would be best for your school and incorporate your ideas.

Key Stage 1 and 2
Animation can be a great way to introduce Years 1 - 6 to film-making. Choosing a story and making characters covers literacy and art curriculum areas.
The Pied PiperSmall
Children can use traditional fairytales, or learn stories from other parts of the world. We always make sure you have a great finished product, that you can show in class or in assembly, to parents or governors. See an example here.

Key Stage 2 and 3
Making a short film can be a creative way of exploring issues of identity and citizenship for Years 3 - 9. Working together as a 'film crew' gives each child a different responsibility, and promotes positive team work. We can create DVD copies of the finished film for each child to keep and show their family, helping them feel their work is valued.

Key Stage 3 and 4
More advanced film making can explore the use of film in media, and introduce career options to older Years. Combining film making with other art forms can be exciting, and young people can explore how to use film to support their other subjects. Making music videos can be a fun way of incorporating young peoples' own interests. Emphasising the preparation and organisation needed to create a high quality finished product can teach commitment to a project.

Key Stage 5 / Vocational Courses
Professional film-making techniques can be studied in more detail. Technical camera work, sound recording and editing skills can be introduced and job descriptions explored. Useful technical skills are learnt that are transferable to other subject areas.


Our workshops are a fun and informal introduction to film. From half day animation to evening or half term film projects, workshops are flexible but always meticulously planned. We bring all our own equipment and can set up in any space.

Artistic Collaborations

Thinking of something more collaborative? We love exploring the potential of film with other artists. We can create installations with sound, image or both for your performance, exhibition or event. We have previously worked with poetry, dance and opera artists to create work together for publication and performance.


We can supply experienced film professionals and project managers for your organisation. Camera work, sound recording, direction, editing, production or education and arts project management supplied at a daily rate or project fee basis.
Contact us to discuss your needs.