We believe participatory film-making can be of enormous benefit to local communities, and act as a powerful agent of social change. Supporting people to make high-quality short films can help them articulate and publicise issues of concern, bringing them to the attention of a wider audience. In the commercial sector the power of the moving image to emote and promote has been well understood, and our aim is to harness this potential for the non-profit and community sector.

Day fifty also supplies short film making services at costs that are accessible to the arts and community sector. With our extensive experience in this area we understand the need to document and record work for publicity, promotion and funding. We enjoy integrating film into cross-arts contexts and exploring the potential of your art form or community activity on film. We work sensitively with your group and can fit into a range of other activities and partnerships.

Day Fifty celebrates the power of short films to convey messages and empower the people who make them.